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28 April 2008

12th international exhibition “Media in Belarus” to be open April 28

More than 800 exhibits from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and China will be showcased at the 12th international specialized exhibition “Media in Belarus” which will be held in the exhibition centre BelExpo from April 28 to May 1. The exposition of the Russian Federation will be extremely representative. It includes the media of Volgograd, Ulianovsk, Riasan, Cheliabinsk, Archangelsk, Moscow oblasts, Stavropol Krai, the city of Moscow. Widely represented will be military, students’ and children’s media as well as the media of the Union State of Belarus and Russia. An honorable guest of the professional forum will be the media of the Brest oblast. The regional media in Belarus becomes more professional and the media from the Brest oblast proves this statement. A diverse programme is prepared for the participants and guests of the forum. Presentations of printed press, television and radio channels, internet sites as well as competitions, master classes and debate will be held. The visitors will be able to get an expert opinion of the professionals. An official award ceremony of the 4th National Printed Press Competition “Golden Letter” will take place on the first day of the exhibition. April 28-30, the 3rd Belarusian information forum “Media in globalization era: topical issues” will be held in the National Library of Belarus.
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