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Regional News

18 September 2019

The first interactive environmental center will be built in Pukhovichi region

A new interactive educational center will be built in Rudensk on the basis of an auxiliary boarding school, where 125 children and adolescents with special needs are already studying

According to Olga Lelyukova, a specialist in mass media at the Pukhovichi District Public Association "Pukhovichsky Territory", the center is designed for theoretical and practical classes, there will be school classes, preparation for olympiads, open lessons and extra-curricular activities. Its main goal is the formation of the foundations of ecological culture in children and adolescents. By the way, the educational complex is equipped with simulators and board games, and the lesson can be adapted to the age of students and their interests.

It is worth noting that the opening of the regional environmental information center was made possible thanks to the project “Creating Conditions and Infrastructure for Raising Public Awareness of Climate Change Issues”, which is being implemented by the “Pukhovichi Territory” with the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection under the Global Ecological Small Grants Program fund.

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