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17 September 2019

Plans to test digital enterprise technologies at two sites in Belarus

Plans have been made to implement projects to switch manufacturing to digital rails at two platforms in Belarus, BelTA learned from Belarusian Deputy Industry Minister Sergei Gunko during the panel session Investing in the Future held as part of the Belarusian Industrial and Investment Forum.

The official said: “We are ready to start a project to create digital enterprises at two selected platforms in the near future. We have made such plans for a period of 2.5 years.” Once the new business processes are tested in practice, the experience is supposed to be upscaled onto the country's entire manufacturing sector. Introducing an ERP management system will be the next step. The relevant regulatory act to enable such an option is being drafted.

On the whole, according to Sergei Gunko, Belarus' manufacturing sector should more actively embrace Industry 4.0 technologies. For instance, in Russia over 800 industrial enterprises are close to getting a digital project for their products and have diagnosed their processes from the business point of view. “There are enterprises in Belarus, which are busy introducing these systems, but there is no full-scale transition to digital manufacturing yet,” he remarked. The official went on saying that such decisions require serious financial commitments. Agreements have been reached with companies, which are ready to develop software needed to modernize existing processes.

The Belarusian Industrial and Investment Forum is scheduled to take place in Minsk on 17-20 September. It is one of the largest exhibition projects in the Commonwealth of Independent States to combine several international specialized expos in the area of scientific and technological advance and modern technologies – TechInnoProm, ProWeld, Chemistry. Oil and Gas, and Plastec. A Belarusian-Japanese economic forum, a Belarusian-Slovak economic forum, and an Indian-Belarusian business and technology forum will also take place as part of the main event.

The forum's program also features international symposiums, conferences, and roundtables on modern industrial technologies and equipment, prospects of development of additive technologies, and petrochemical industry applications for composite materials. A fair to sell industrial subcontracts will be held as well as a fair to sell innovative R&D products, the business matchmaking session “Science and industry – innovation cooperation strategy”. Seminars and presentations figure largely in the forum's program as well.
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